Wooden Shavette/Barber Razor

A shavette is a great alternative to the traditional straight razor and is an ideal barber razor.

This convenient and affordable straight razor is perfect for travel or someone just getting started with straight razor shaving.

It’s use of inexpensive Disposable Stainless Steel blades totally eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and most of the other accessories typically required, lowering the cost and difficulty factors greatly. This razor’s versatility has made it a popular choice for professional barbers and wet shaving enthusiasts.

Available in several different types of wood and materials.

Interchangeable blade holders allow use of a variety of blades, the DE razor blade simply has to be snapped in half (do whilst still in the wrapper…) and slotted between the sturdy metal arms.

We recommend this razor for EXPERIENCED shavers, you’ll need to do your apprenticeship with a DE Safety Razor first. We strongly recommend this.

How to recycle blades:

  1. Store all used blades in a metal tin or can
  2. When full, seal the top of the tin or can with a plyers
  3. Write on the outside of the win with a marker “Razor Blades”
  4. Place in your household recycling bin. Please check with your waste management company.