Dublin Shaving Co Shaving Soap

A seriously manly, rustic scent from our first shaving soap. It’s an earthy blend of leather, pine, & tobacco. A beautifully crafted soap that lathers like a dream and is super slick on the skin which means more lubrication and less chance of cutting yourself whilst shaving. It’s very moisturising and leaves the skin feeling moist and fresh after shaving. 100 grams of beautiful shaving soap.
  • Easy to lather
  • Smells Amazing
  • Leaves the skin moisturised and softy
  • Nothing nasty
Our own perfected recipe, we pour it into the handy containers which are both great for keeping the soap fresh and for lathering. An almond sized amount of cream is enough for a great shave. This soap packs quite a punch, the lather is wonderfully thick and scented with earthy tones, the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing morning shave. It smells and feel fantastic and fits in perfectly with our pre-shave Grooming Oil and Post shave balm.