Safety Razor Ireland – Brass Razor

This safety razor is a beautiful, luxury DE Safety Razor which is zero waste and comes in paper packaging with free blades. It provides a smooth, irritation free shave and is great for people wanting to switch from using cartridge razors or for those who just want a better shaving experience. It’s a unisex razor that is great for the face or anywhere on the body that needs shaving! The wooden handle is made in Ireland and the razor head is engraved with the slick Dublin Shaving Co insignia. Handmade
  • 90 grams
  • Chrome Plated Metal
  • Smooth, efficient Shave
  • 16.5mm Diameter
  • 101mm Length
  • Handmade
  • FREE Blades
How to recycle blades:
  1. Store all used blades in a metal tin or can
  2. When full, seal the top of the tin or can with a plyers
  3. Write on the outside of the win with a marker “Razor Blades”
  4. Place in your household recycling bin. Please check with your waste management company.