Shaving Soaps Ireland

Shaving Soaps Ireland – Our range of shaving soaps are a much better alternative than anything that comes from a can. Although the cost may seem higher, in reality and puck of shaving soap will last for months and a cream the same.

You’ll need a shaving brush to build a lather but that helps exfoliate your skin anyway so is highly recommended. Our Shaving Soaps are available in a number of scents such as the our most popular Dublin Shaving Co Shaving Soap.

We always recommend using a Safety Razor with our shaving soaps as they provide a much better shave.

Pre Shave & After Shave Treatments

Our range of Pre & Post shave treatments are all made by us in Ireland, we use premium organic ingredients where possible and create unique scents that men love.

Our Beard Oils & Shave oils are gentle on the skin and full of nourishing ingredients.

Our aftershave balms are 85% organic and made here in Ireland.

All of our pre shave and after shave products are perfect for those with sensitive skin and will leave your skin feeling soft,hydrated and smelling great.

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